Monday, June 16, 2014

Stunning ride on the CBR600RR thru a Sea of Green

Sometimes we say yes to spontaneity and get rewarded with curvy roads through sweeping green farmlands, red barns, livestock, wildlife, blue skies, and breathtaking river canyons.

We wanted to keep it simple: be out after work for a one and a half hours, maybe two. The farmlands, though, bathed in late spring and lit up in our visors, pushed our bikes like predators to a fleeing sun. It was a shame to go so fast through the enchanted landscape. But, we grabbed more and more throttle, the road guiding us to the river.

We weren't lost, and didn't arrive where we set out to. But as other bikers will tell you, getting lost is part of the reward.


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Thursday, January 30, 2014

When You Take Aim

Take aim at
My heart
Over my head

It starts there
You should know
It sees you

Sees worth
So up it goes
Heart high

Not for pride
Not for shame
But needing to

Hear its tempo
How it rises and retreats
Races and rests

Releases and reaps
Reacts to your touch
Risks everything

The colorful moods
Truth seekers each one
The parts that make it whole

How it makes ... me
How it has a story
How it wants to tell ours

So when you take aim
Aim for my heart
So I'll always know you're trying