Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Turn it up

Some days you wake up and just want your life to change.  Not a big change.  Well, sort of big.  But the kind of change that you can feel in your core.  A fundamental shift in direction, palpable and certain.  Something gained and birthed out of a mother named hope.  Something labored for and not just handed to you on a plate and suitable for anyone.  A purpose tailored for your skill-set.  A reason to live your life with increased volume, bass, and treble.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here and now

We got here fast, you and I, wherever this happens to be.  Accidents happen but this one makes me happy.  We share something real or imagined, a past in common, a future in question, a moment in the now.

Can I walk by your side for a while?  Can I drink my fill of you and be refreshed?  I have nothing to offer in return.  I am poor you see.  And you do see.  I wander my own path, lost, hungry, propelled by a declining spirit.  

I don’t know what I’ve found in your smile, your words, your care.  I’m just glad I found it.