Thursday, September 15, 2011

Published! Creative Nonfiction #42

Contributor copy (better than money).
I’ll take life in whatever little victories it decides to hand out.  So much of my time is spent wishing things would get better, even by the slightest.  So when something positive happens, whether it’s big or small, I take it as gift.  Why?  Because a win is a win. 

I received my contributor copy from Creative Nonfiction #42 yesterday in the mail.  I knew it was coming for a few days.  I found out on twitter last week. @talentdmrripley and nine others were featured in the Tiny Truths section.  The challenge: write a true story in 130 characters or less.  I'll save you the $10 cover price and quote my story for you below (I think that's okay):
"Yes... I was staring, trying to read the Bible verse tattooed on her upper breast.  The font was tasteful, and it was a long verse." May 23, 2011.

How cool is that?  It was validation, either for my talent or hard work.  Perhaps both.  My own words published!   

I won’t ruin this.  I won’t diminish this strange yet awesome feeling that I could win with my writing.  And, though my story is tiny (a mere two sentences; a tweet!), those who published my words walk as bold and proud as any among the giants of writing and publishing.  

My ship has sailed.  The chosen destination awaits my sweet arrival.  I cling to the side of that ship now, hanging on to the rails with a firm grip and determined resolve not to slip into the depths.  Not again.  Though I’m unable to relax on deck and mingle with “them,” at least the establishment knows I’m there now, and don’t mind the vicinity of my company.  

Crashing waves, weather, and rough seas still await my journey, but from the side of the boat none of them look as menacing as they once did.