Thursday, September 22, 2011

A second #cnftweet tweet emerges

Another one of my beloved #cnftweet tweets emerged in the wild, this time tucked away inside a newsletter sent out by Creative Nonfiction, the same folks who published one of my tweets in issue #42 of Creative Nonfiction.  See earlier post from my blog.

I've had a lot of fun and met some great writers by participating in the #cnftweet corner of twitter.  The challenge is to say something true in 130 characters or less.  I retweet my favorites and get a few of my own tweets retweeted by others.

Give it a shot:

  1. Get a twitter account.  It's free. 
  2. Think of a creative way to tell a true story in 130 characters or less. 
  3. Tweet it.
  4. IMPORTANT: Tag the end of your tweet with the #cnftweet hashtag.  The hashtag ensures it will be seen by all the other #cnftweet 'ers.

My tweet from the newsletter is quoted below.  It was used to give people an idea of length and what the editors of Creative Nonfiction are looking for in a good #cnftweet.

talentdmrripley A door jam in a former life, the wall received the blaze like it was royalty, and Tedd's room was holding a waltz. #cnftweet